Marketing influence on consumers

Marketing is an imperative function of a firm’s production and sales processes. Companies strive to create an impact to its target niche through marketing as an effort to increase its consumer base and profitability through increased sales. Marketing is also employed to sell out the firm’s image and create awareness about its products through advertisement. In this paper, marketing shall be examined to establish whether it has an influence over consumer’s decisions and assess its ethical aspect in the society. The paper seeks to ensure a succinct understanding of the relationship between consumer behavior and marketing.
On marketing the firm’s goods and services, firms always try to understand the consumer behavior to convince them on using their products (Blick, 2011). From this fact, the paper agrees with the statement that marketing has an influence on consumer decision. For example, following the dire urge of consumers to fit in the wellness and social classes, firms have chosen individuals that have perfect bodies to market their goods (O’Shaughnessy, 2003). The consumers, therefore, admire and make the decision to try out these products opting to look like the anchors. This move explains the marketing influence on the consumer behavior pertaining decision making. In the long run, this may sound unethical when the consequences or results expected fail to please the customers as firms have to portray the right and actual information (O’Shaughnessy, 2003). However, this may be ethical in the event of favorable results or experience as claimed during marketing by the firm.
Marketing is a significant function of a firm. Marketing determines the profitability of businesses following its aspect of spurring sales of a firm. Firms are, hence, forced to understand the consumer behavior so as to enable tuning them towards purchasing their products. On numerous occasions marketing influences, the consumer’s decision making that may be termed either ethical or unethical depending on the outcome of the altered decision.
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