July 4, 2015


Democracy was the brightest idea of 20th century. As a new way of thinking and managing people’s life, many of countries in the world were open to this new system, but also there have been a high number of countries who were against of this idea. Because of this, democracy has caused conflict and enmity between countries globally, over the past century. Democracy as governance method has showed the power of freedom and equal rights to the ordinary people.

Nowadays, democracy has changed a lot, in terms of implementation. Most of countries who govern with democracy, they use different kind of elections, state government forms and among many problems this is deficient in modern democracy. This issue according to David L. Swanson, Paolo Mancini presents the Personalization of Politics, furthermore it is explained that “in thoroughly modernized campaigns, as we have noted, the voter’s choice, depends increasingly upon the voter’s relationship with the individual candidate”1. It is a lack of election system in modern democracy which is faced in many countries. Also, to this situation, a huge contribute was given by electoral campaigns, where candidates focus on building a relationship with voters.

Also a lot of authors have pointed out that direct democracy is the only way of modern democracy, as this will give citizens more access to decision-making, policy, their rights and in general social life.




1 David L. Swanson, Paolo Mancini Politics, Media, and Modern Democracy: An International Study of Innovations (Prager Publishers, 88 Post Road West, Westport CT 06881) 14.



Moderns Democracy has shown lack of trust when it comes to the relation between justice and democracy. Many political systems around the world, which are democratic states, have failed to keep the justice system completely free and separated from political events. “Can rights be secure, if those who protect, interpret and define them are not accountable to the public”2. In such a case, there are many examples how politicians interfere into the justice system.

Political Bureaucracy is known also as a big disadvantage of modern democracy. This problem in democratic countries constantly tends to be produced or reproduced by leaders. Unfortunately this was an issue in Europe and South America.

Our society should return to the original meaning of “democracy”, which stands for people’s power, and by any means their importance to government and social life overall. Democracy is the system aspiring the social life, equal rights, and freedom of peoples. We, as a part of world, should consist of working together to improving the democracy.








2 Munroe Eagles, Larry Johnston, Politics: An Introduction to Modern Democratic Government, (Monroe Eagles, 2008), 200

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