The Role of media in Nursing Education

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The Role of Media in Nursing Education.

The faculty of nursing has been simplified lately by employing technological advancements. This creates an impact in nursing, in that professionals gain unfathomable thoughts of communication, health care policies, integrity, and expertise in an online platform over a wider geographical area (Fraser R. & Sigma T.T.I 2011).

According to the American Nurses Association. & Kent State University, Scholars and professionals in the health and nursing discipline has evolved to cope with the technology in amassing the concepts in developing curricula. For instance, the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform, American Nurses Association, and the social media toolkit have been incorporated in the nursing curricula to ease learning and create deeper understanding. About 80% of technology users seek medical and health information. In the United States, between 2009 and 2011, resulted in more than 100% health organizations incorporated the use of technology in their system. It helped People in accessing the health information using the Internet via Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and search engines by directly talking to health specialists for health matters (1996).

The nursing students and health workers, use social media in communicating with one another and the faculty in matters relating the discipline. PowerPoint slides are also created to demonstrate the concepts of health problems as a mode of teaching. For instance, the mammalian reproductive system is explained in pictorial slides. This makes learning easy and responds to queries in seeking clarification. Though social media is condemned, in a manner that it results to overdependence in continuous reference instead of conceptualizing the concept, students perceive that easy units should be handled in the media during the complex like surgery, in class for greater comprehension (Fraser R. & Sigma T.T.I 2011).





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