International Law

International laws are laws that affect many nations and all the nations signed to it must abide to the rule for a peaceful co existence among people. It is therefore important the source of these laws must be formed from various forms that foster togetherness among the nations. Some of the sources of international laws are through treaties, through customary laws, through the general principal of the law, through the decision of the court, through the decision of the international organization, through interaction and also through international investment laws. These laws have been of importance to many states since the end of the Second World War. It outlines equality in many things like gender, fosters rule of law.

Treaties form the best source of the international law. It is done mostly between sovereign states; they come together with a common agreement. It can be bilateral or may be multilateral. Most of these treaties have proved successful and have played a great deal in making peace and stability to many countries.

The customs law also a very good source of the international law. It comes mostly from some parties in the different states. These are the laws that were used to be practiced by various states, but have now evolved. They consist of their usual practices and beliefs that can be mandatory by the states and become law.

There is also the general principle of law. It is done when there are loopholes left and need to be field immediately. Sometimes during signing of the treaties there are gaps left and might affect the general workflow of the treaty itself. Hence, a national legal system is compared, for effective analysis.

Courts have greatly advanced the law, hence through courts decisions and tribunal they have made it possible for many people who have the different opinion, face the law. The courts are called to enlighten people about the laws when some aspects are felt not well interpreted.

The international organizations are however called upon to make the critical decisions on various matters; therefore through this process international laws can be formed. The years back, these organizations were not present and hence they could regard them as a source of international law. But their presence today cannot be left behind hence they play a vital role in making the important decision on international laws today.

All international sources of law relate to each other in one way or another, hence they interact together ending up in common international laws that govern their way of life. When a treaty is being signed, a decision is being made in court or either when the international organizations are making laws, there are numerous interactions. From these interactions, laws can be formed successfully

There is a provision of same treatment for everyone who want to invest in a particular nation, thus through this investments some laws are formulated. Foreign investment must be given the same treatment in when they want to access the administrative and judicial matters. It contains legal laws for all nations to follow.




These international laws have a lot of significance since the end of the Second World War. It provided the rule of law instead of the rule of force by some countries. It outlines what needs to be followed by all parties. Hence, any state that goes against this faces the rule of the law. It outlines the better ways of conflict resolution between parties of states. It leads to a peaceful conflict resolution among nations. Children’s right are adhered very well as they are considered to be the future of the coming generation. It provides a way for all people to get respect despite the background or religion, race or color. It provided a rule where nations must exhibit cooperation among themselves. It also provides equality to people and all nations. Everyone must be able to access food, clothing and shelter. Some nations have faced with starvation by and lack of food hence the need for equality of such needs. It also focused on human dignity, where humanity was a key factor. Diversity was also greatly encouraged by the law. People were to move in various nations and fellowship with people of different origin. Peace in this law was emphasized among the nations.

In conclusion, we have various sources of international laws. The sources come from different interactions that govern the states internationally. These laws are found from where is understanding among the nations and sometimes doing a common thing. This laws have greatly help since the end of the second world war, hence all states are supposed to follow them for peaceful coexistence.





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