Gender Differences

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Gender Differences

From the reading of gender differences, it explains two differences of dealing with stress. These are mainly the flight or fight response. Aronson, Wilson and Akert (2005) suggest that with the fight response, an individual will always respond in kind and what will result is a fight occurring. With a flight response, the individual attacked will respond by avoiding the fight and he or she might opt to running away to safety. These responses have been found to be triggered due to the release of a hormone such as nephrine.

In male the fight and flight response has been found to work well for many years but not in the female due to due to the bigger roles that they do play towards caring for children. Also, a fight is generally not a good option for a woman with the task of caring for off springs or when she is pregnant (Aronson, Wilson & Akert, 2005)

From Kevin Harts stand up of I am not a fighter, he argues that in the event he is with a woman and she gets hit in the face, he will not stand up and fight for her. He argues that if the person hit the woman’s face and did not care much, he could in the same manner hit him. Furthermore, he justifies his cause of not picking up a fight since if they are to drive home; he needs both his eyes to ensure that they arrive safely.

I am of the view that Kevin Harts has a point and not stereotypical for a standup comedy since the gender differences should not be oversimplified. Additionally, though the magnitude of gender differences do exist facts on how to cope with these situations they are not very large between men and women.




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