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Around the world, it is common practice to find people in various societies and different social classes inviting each other for dinner. This is because having dinner with someone else often acts as a lubricant for great conversation just like having a beer with strangers has always acted a social lubricant for many people. The first person who comes to mind when asked who I would invite to dinner is the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. This is partly due to his seemingly unwavering dedication in making the world a better place. It is quite evident that he is one of the most powerful people in the world and for this reason I feel he is one of those renowned personalities to share with ideas with, and thus a dinner invitation.

One of the great things he has done is making basic healthcare something which all American citizens can benefit from through the now famous Obama Care. This might sound simple but previous presidents were either not able to conceptualize a framework or marshal enough support for something similar. This has arguably made him someone that Americans both young and old owe their future to, and thus my admiration. According to Huntington and et al. (2011), the number of people who are estimated to benefit from the Affordable Care Act (2010) is roughly 32 million. This is a move which is expected to solve one of the biggest problems which the U.S. has ever had, high cost of healthcare.

Another reason why I look up to Obama is that he has tried to achieve one of the biggest campaign promises he ever made despite facing relentless opposition from Republicans and a section of his own party, the Democrats. He has managed to prepare the necessary grounds for the return of the American troops who were sent on assignment to Iraq in order to end decade long unnecessary war. This came as a relief to some of the people who had been in the country for over several months. One thing which was certain about this was that the American citizens wanted the troops to be recalled. This therefore made him someone who respects the wishes of the people who elected him to office as pointed out in his own writings (Obama, 2008).

Perhaps one of the most irrefutable achievements Obama made is managing to capture Osama bin Laden. This effectively cemented his place in history as the president who eventually captured one of the world’s most fearsome terrorist in 2011. Priest and Arkin (2011) write that this was made possible by US Special Forces under the direct command of the president himself. There is no doubt that this drew a lot of admiration for his leadership from not only within the United States but also from other parts of the globe. Despite this great achievement, he still asserts that he is committed to ending terrorism completely.

In conclusion, Barrack Hussein Obama is someone who I would like to invite to dinner so that I get to know a number of things that might not be in the media. His eloquence and charisma notwithstanding. This is the kind of opportunity I would not let slip through my hands and quite honestly, having any President of the United States to dinner is something which I could consider as a dream I wish would come true, let alone Barack Obama.




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