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“What is the book that has had the most influence on you and how has it influenced you?”

Various books have written with the writers’ intention being to influence its readers. Many books have fallen short of achieving this goal. Robert Greene’s book on 48 laws of power is the most influential book I have read. The book was published in 1998 as a self-help guide. It contains 48 laws which are intended to assist one to gain power as well as recognition in the society. The book is not only interesting but also as a motivator as continue reading it. Everyone during his lifetime seeks power which maybe at a personal level, family unit, the society, community or a given geographical region. There are various important lessons I learned from the book.

The human interrelation skill is an important aspect of any individual. Among the 48 laws there are those that are intended to assist one to understand how to interact with those I meet in my day to day life. Taglieri, J, (2012) explains law number 38 which states that you should think on your own but behave like others do. This law has played a played great role in ensuring that I conform to the societal expectation by behaving like them though I have my way of thinking. Law 25 on recreating oneself has influenced me not to believe in what others take me for, but always changing my identity in order to command attention as well as avoiding creating boredom among your audiences. It is from Law 46 which states one should not appear like a perfect person that I learned that it is crucial to display your weakness for people to take you as a human since it is only the super natural being which don’t make mistakes. Failure to do so will result in people fearing you or fail to understand you.

Success in everything we do is something we all look forward to. Robert Greene’s book has focused on helping one to achieve it. Taglieri, J. (2012) explains Law 35 on, mastering the importance of timing as being crucial in achieving success. To succeed in some areas such as businesses, timing is essential especially knowing when to sell and when to hold. Off peak and peak period creates the difference between success and failure. Rule 29 supports this as it stipulates the importance of planning (, 2015). Planning is a crucial function that ensures everything that is required in a certain activity is catered. This minimizes the chances of failure. It is from these rules that I have been influenced to plan for all the activities that I intend to undertake and the result has always been success.

The book has influenced me in reshaping my personal characteristics. It is from Law four which states that “always say less than necessary”, that I have I learnt the importance of not saying much. One is judged by whatever he or she says. The more an individual speaks, the more he or she is likely to appear foolish. Law five states that reputation is an important asset, this has influenced me to work on guarding my reputation which takes years to build, but cannot be brought down in seconds (, 2015). It is crucial for one to be alert from those who can destroy your reputation and therefore be proactive rather than reactive.

The lessons from the Robert Greene’s book are very many. Power is an important asset to any individual in the society wishing to succeed. The influence from the book keeps one going, despite facing tough times. The application of the laws as explained in the book can offer one a competitive advantage in life.







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