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This is a story of a young Russian boy by the name Viktor, who grew up in a state of abject poverty, but managed to discover his talent and explored it to the fullest. As a child, he grew up in the streets with his bigger brother, facing all the challenges that were experienced. They even faced bigger challenges because they had no mother, and were regularly exposed to demeaning jokes. Their level of poverty forced them to do almost anything to ensure that they get food and other essential requirements. Crime was the best option because it paid well, although it was extremely dangerous. Being in the company of young criminals, Viktor grew fond of fighting. His elder brother became used to nursing his wounds and solving numerous cases emanating from street clash with other young, rogue, and some times, blood thirsty street children.

It reached a point when his older brother became tired of nursing his ever-present wounds. He decided to advise him to take up kickboxing, which he had also joined. At first, victor opposed the idea because of his small body size. Nonetheless, as he continued his usual dangerous-street games, he discovered that he risked being jailed and killed by various gangs that had established themselves. In addition, he was not proud of what he was doing because at some instances, he could find himself sleeping with someone he should not have, or being ordered to perform some activities, for instance, poisoning a partner’s girlfriend’s child. Most of the events that took place in the streets were disturbing and he really wanted to get a way out. Finally, he agreed to take up kickboxing and he began training hard with the help of his brother and other people who knew the sport.

The first few months when he began, kickboxing was tough for him, as he had to learn to discipline himself and follow instructions. At time, he found himself overpowered by anger, and he did inappropriate things. Nonetheless, he was relentless and he trained hard and managed to master many skills. One day when he was training, a visiting promoter noticed him, and he was invited to train in a better, bigger facility. Before long, he had acquired more skills and was quickly emerging as one of the finest kick boxers of the group. His first professional fight came when he was the age of 19. His performance was amazing and his star begun to rise as he competed with many seasoned fighters.

His unique skills made him a unique competitor in the field and he begun to eye the world championship. However, during the years, which the world championship was held, he faced numerous personal challenges that demotivated him. Some of his personal problems included, a divorce, a young girl child to take care of, and the mother was fighting with cancer. Therefore, his first attempt was not fruitful, and he had to wait patiently for the next round of world championships, that was staged in Japan, a renowned location for holding such events.

Fights in Japan often attracted millions of people across the globe because of the unique venues. The venues had huge entrances, with beautiful Japanese decorations reflecting the culture of kickboxing in the Asian continent. Such events were also associated with Asian traditional songs that were easy to learn, and therefore, the arenas were truly lively. Viktor knew he had waited for his championship for too long and decided to employ every skill that he had acquired to give his best. His personal problems had made him stronger, and he fought hard with great determination. From the event, he managed to win the title, having beat a four-time world champion to clinch the most valued martial arts title.

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