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This is any activity that involves the use of a computer and a network. The electronic machine may be used in committing the crime or be the target for executing the malicious act. Many cases of cyber-related crimes have been reported in the media from looting the intelligence some dozens of data which in turn exposes the weakness of governments. Some cyber criminals confess of stopping the malicious act and claim to get inspired into hacking by simple movies or the desire to unlock the hidden sites. Like the 414s hackers were inspired by the movie ‘War Games’ that instilled bad morals and confessed guilty as they were under the trial on the offence they committed (Brenner.S.W.2010).

For one, the present cyber criminals have advanced with more tactics to hide their identity though with the existence of firewalls to protect the network, and the go unnoticed to some extent of getting away with crucial information. For instance, in the 414s group of hackers got into the Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center and the security Pacific bank and destroyed more than two data systems back in 1983 in the Los Angeles (Brenner.S.W.2010).

The 2015 checkpoint security points out that about one hundred and six malware were targeted to hit individual establishments on hourly basis where the cybercriminals were using some conceded computers or bots to spread the malware and secretly get away with data besides infecting other users and their PCs over the same network.

Most prominent and popular software producing companies like the Kaspersky labs have been also victimized by the cyber criminals through the use of malware like the Duqu2.0 in form of digital certificate that traced its origin from Foxconn and it got its way to their servers. Same malware snitched information about the Iran and the UN on nuclear talks (Hile.K.2010).

Cyber-related crimes are meant for compromising the financial data of individuals and organizations. A survey sampled in the year 2014 showed that there was about nine hundred and seventy-four million were lost from the South African companies through hacking. This is possible in a firm with more than two thousand mobile devices within their network as check point security points out concerning the security of information against hacking and recommends that system and web administrators should check the network thoroughly for any foreign and unwanted intruders so as to block them from getting full access and control their system to ensure top security (Keyser, M.January01, 2003)

Due to hacking, more than 70% of IT providers are challenged by securing corporate top secrets and information, and by managing their own data as well as storing for their clients. In the present ruthless and sophisticated cybercrime, any weak security layer is prone to guarantee the hackers a gateway to compromise and destroy the information on other networks (Australia & Bird, 2004)

Since hacking evolves at an alarming speed, there comes a need for the network administrators and other people using the network to protect their computers against any kind of malware be it viruses, computer worms or any kind of cracked illicit software that may harm and expose your private information. This can be achieved through installation of antispyware and use of a genuine software.




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